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 The journey of life is full of twists and turns and sooner or later it will come to us all that unless we have good health we have nothing. Since 2007 bullet making has taken a back seat while I investigated and experimented on just what it takes to keep one’s body in good reliable working order. The results will seem outrageous and impossible to the mainstream citizen but once all the assumptions and traditional thinking has been cast aside, a new picture emerges. At the end of the day the results speak for themselves, no amount of ranting and raving can change that. There are a couple of new pages, one emphasising the importance of eating only top quality produce and the other, perhaps destined to be the most unpopular page on the internet, the truth about vegetables.  The July '16 additions include a comprehensive article on fasting, why, what happens, 'how to' and why aging happens. I note that in USA, Russia and Europe (2018) there is considerable reseach being carried out on fasting, in a few years you could get it as a recommendation from your GP especially to ameliorate the side effects of chemotherapy. The Nov '18 addition, Pillars of Health is about what it takes to never get sick, daunting to carry out but it works.

  Today, Mankind gets it so wrong.
Nov '18 The Three Pillars  of Health
Aug '11 The Future in Your Hands
Feb '13  Mankind's Early Diet
Jan '12 Secret Women's Business
Jan '12 Proving with Science
Feb '13 How Nutrition Really Works
Nov '14 The Essentials  of Existence 
Jul '17  The Importance of Food Quality
July '16 A New Look at the Origin of Man
Dec '15 The Truth About Vegetables
Jan '16 Are we Really Carnivors?
Mar '13 Fluoride Poison  and Dry Mouth 

The time has come, the Walrus said, to speak of many things - but the only one of interest to shooters is that the time has come to close the factory door and hang up my draw press - or rather, all 6 of them. Over the past several years I have genuinely intended to crank a few out but just haven't been able to make it happen. About every couple of months I get an inquiry from interested parties who offer to buy me out. I am amenable to this, it would be great if in fact it would happen, nothing I would like better than to see the plant up and running once again. The big problem is that I have yet to be approached by someone who is capable of running it, there is no point selling it someone only to have them lose their shirt. What it will take is someone with high end tool making experience or with access to someone who has and shed space of 500 square meters. In our best year with a staff of 6 we produced 1.2 million jacketed bullets plus 5 million lead bullets. That was by no means peak capacity. 

In the interim I will continue to sell whatever stock that is remaining, the choice is limited at this stage, the popular calibre/weights were sold out long ago. The jacketed bullet page from now on will only display what is currently available - I am endeavouring to cut out all those emails which start out "When are you going to make . . . ."  

Have you noticed that all the big corporations are hell bent on getting at least $1000 a year out of you? Vehicle rego, electricity, rates (usually double that), waste disposal, insurance, communication to name a few. In June '12 I realised that it was costing $400 a year for my landline phone, for the few calls I need to make it wasn't worth it so cancelled it. My mobile lives in the car and is turned off most of the time. The only method of communication is by e-mail (or snail mail, hardly used these days), to both of which I conscientiously reply. 


To Your Very Good Health

1940's All there is To It
Mar '07 The Mystery of Good Health
Feb '07 Fruitarian FAQ
Oct '08 Toxins and Waste
Nov '08 Waste is Your Responsibility
Jan '10 Waste Effects on The Brain
Sep '08 Eating and Feeding
Feb '13 Diary of a Fast
Mar '18 How to, all about Fasting
Feb '12 How to Select Best  Fruit
  Selection of Fruit Statistics
Oct '13 The Writings of Ben Adamah
Nov '13 Be Kind to Your Digestion
Jun '09 The Author

Frivolous e-mails are the exception, such as 'have you received my payment?' and 'When can I expect delivery? I do email delivery advice though. I am a one man business and these requests are never going to make it to the top of my 'to do' list. If you are in a hurry, impatient or in any way apprehensive, please deal with someone else.

About Soil & How to Repair it.

  2007 Talking Dirty
2008 Plant Feeding & Care
2007 Soil Restoration
2018 Sustainable Agriculture

As to orders, I know times are tough and we are all on spending limits but again a plethora of buyers all requesting a few 100 bullets is something that is hugely time consuming and not economically viable in my circumstances. Consequently I have a minimum limit of $250.00 on any order of projectiles (any mix).

Malcolm Bone